'Saturday Night Live' skewered both daytime soap operas and people who live in Los Angeles in the very funny skit 'Californians.' It was so funny, in fact, that the normally professional Bill Hader nearly broke into a fit of laughter. 

As anyone who's lived in LA or its surrounding area knows, figuring out the best ways to navigate the sprawling but still congested region is often a topic of conversation. In 'Californians,' those types of discussions drive (no pun intended) what would otherwise be a typically absurd soap opera plot. Check out some killer directional humor and a lot of blonde wigs below.

What's neat about the sketch is that its unique premise manages to make just about every tired old stereotype of Californians fresh and funny.

In fact, we think one of the reasons the cast kept making those "grody to the max" faces was to prevent themselves from breaking character and laughing.

What do you think? Was 'The Californians' a winner? Or did you just enjoy seeing Hader almost lose it?