It's been less than a week since Patricia Krentcil, the freakishly tanned New Jersey mom, was accused of letting her six-year-old daughter use a tanning bed. Since then, she's somehow worked her way into mainstream consciousness, getting mocked on 'SNL' and engaging in a public battle with Snooki from 'Jersey Shore.'

Now, Krentcil's pop culture status reaches new heights (or lows, depending upon how you look at it) with a brand new action figure.

Created by the Connecticut-based toy company Hero Builders, which also makes Michaele Salahi and 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' dolls, this nine-inch plastic action figure has blonde hair and a bright red/orange face. And yet, it still isn't as horrifyingly tan as the real thing.

At a cost of $29.95 each, the "Tanorexic Action Figure" is a bargain. "Get one for all your tanorexic friends," says the Hero Builders' website. At that price, you should get at least two, one to play with and one to keep sealed. You know this thing will be a collector's item among guidos and juice-heads someday. Get a closer look at the "tanorexic mom" doll below.

Tanorexic Action Figure

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