One would think notorious New Jersey tan mom Patricia Krentcil, who stands accused of sneaking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth, and 'Jersey Shore's' mascot Snooki would be allies, given their mutual embrace of ultraviolet radiation. But, apparently, they are anything but.

Snooki fired the first salvo in the war of oompa loompas, telling 'Extra,' "The b**** is crazy. Everyone knows you are not supposed to take kids [to the tanning salon]."

No shrinking violet, as we are quickly finding out, Krentcil held nothing back after a TMZ reporter told her what the reality TV star said. Now, see what she had to say about Snooki.

Well, she definitely called Snooki "fake" and "fat," and changed her name to "Snoopy." As for the other bleeped out insults, use your imagination.

The big winner here is probably the pregnant Snooki's unborn child. Now that Snooki has come out publicly against five-year olds tanning, don't expect the kid to be forced into a tanning bed before he or she is at least 11. Frankly though, we're at a loss for words.

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