Patricia Krentcil, aka the 'Tanning Mom,' was charged last month with child endangerment after being accused of allowing her six-year old daughter into a tanning booth, which is against the law in her home state of New Jersey.

While Krentcil denies she did this, and insists her daughter's sunburn was a result of a day at the pool, her own deeply-browned skin isn't helping her make her case.

Neither has her behavior, which has included bizarre interaction with the paparazzi and inappropriate bra-lessness. But the 44-year-old wasn't always such a bronzed mess. Glamour shots of Krentcil in her 20s and looking a bit like Meg Ryan are now circulating the web and present a different, paler, side to the notorious New Jersey-ite.

There is no denying that there is something weird about the tilt of her head to her body in the shots, suggesting the photos could be shopped. But, then again, it could just be the camera angle or the nature of her posture.

If they do turn out to be fake, we suspect Krentcil of being the one to put them out because she's just that kind of crazy. See another photo here.

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