'Tanning mom' Patricia Krentcil has been in the news a lot for her antics and the paparazzi just seem to love her for the same. So when you are outside talking to paparazzi making it clear you're not wearing a bra, chances are the paps are going to love you even more.

Krentcil was outside her home, where the paparazzi obviously lurk day-in and day-out, when she was asked about her recent remark that she would pose for Playboy if the magazine approached her. As Krentcil slurred her way through an answer, the cameraman zoomed in on her top. That was until her older daughter ordered the "tanorexic mom" to get back in the house.

Watch the NSFW video below (if you dare), where Krentcil's daughter has to come out to tell her mom to stop talking to the paparazzi. On second thought, this video is more like "NSFHC" -- not safe for human consumption.

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