True Crime

Best Police Sketch Ever?
The Wichita Police Department just had parts of three packets of marijuana stolen from their evidence room. And, thanks to the bite marks the drug-loving thieves left behind, they're pretty sure rodents are behind the brazen robbery.
Cheetos Thief Busted
As any thief worth his salt knows, a clean getaway is absolutely essential. Well, a South Carolina teen recently botched a robbery in a big way after police followed a trail of Cheetos right to his front door. (While that's not the thief pictured above, authorities should still be on the l…
Teen Drugs Parents So She Can Stay Online Past Curfew
We've all heard the stories about stressed-out parents drugging their unruly toddlers with a dose of Benadryl so that they can get some shut-eye, but this is certainly a new twist. On December 28, a 16 year-old girl and her 15-year-old friend from Northern California decided to buy her parents two m…
When Oompas Attack
Oompa Loompas, the lovable orange-skinned creatures from 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,' may look harmless. But as a 28-year-old man in Norfolk, England, learned, they're not above aggravated assault.
Naked Samurai Attacks!
While most of us rang in the new year with a noisemaker and a drink or two, 29-year-old Coco Bennett celebrated by brandishing a samurai sword in front of police. Oh, and he was stark naked too, of course.
Spanx Thief!
A JCPenney in Vero Beach, Florida has been victimized by what the media is calling the Spanx Bandit.
Teen Robber
In China's Quangang, Fujian province, a ten year-old girl is now in big trouble after she stole $1,600 from a cell phone shop to buy video games. Had it not been for the security cameras catching a video of her crawling on the floor, she would've gotten away with it too.
Worst Crook Ever?
After robbing a bank, most criminals will try to lay low for a period of time. Not 19-year-old Hannah Sabata. The Stromsburg, Nebraska teen wanted to get credit for her ability to knock over a local bank for over $6,000 and also make off with a Pontiac Grand Am that didn't belong to h…
Potty Training Woes
As a parent, teaching a child to use the toilet is one of the hardest (and messiest) things you'll ever do. But potty training just got even more difficult for a Piedmont, Oklahoma, mom who was fined $2,500 for letting her toddler pee in the front yard.

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