An 11-year-old Spanish boy really didn't want his parents to find out what his teacher thought about him. But with a scheduled parent/teacher meeting later that day it was pretty inevitable that his folks were about to learn what had been going on in the classroom.

Unless, of course, something dramatic were to happen which would prevent the meeting. Like, say, if he were to be kidnapped

And that's the stunt the boy pulled. He sent a text message to his father, a police officer, saying he had been kidnapped and stuffed in the back of the car. Then he added to the drama by calling his parents with fake phone static before hanging up.

Needless to say, his folks sprung into action. A manhunt ensued, and there was even law enforcement sent to Spain's border with Portugal  to make sure his kidnappers couldn't take him out of the country.

However, a few hours into the ordeal, the boy's father noticed the keys to the family's second apartment were missing. So he went to the flat and, lo-and-behold, that's where his son was hiding.

According to local news reports it was a poor test in particular that caused the boy to go to such great lengths to keep his home life and school life separate.

Luckily for the youngster the police aren't pressing charges. But now just about everybody in Spain knows about the bad test score that he was trying to keep from his parents.