In a move that will shock comic book fans everywhere, a California man was recently arrested after allegedly attempting to mug a woman while wearing a Spider-Man costume. Spidey, what have you done?!

Police say 22-year-old Daniel James Bradley approached a 24-year-old woman in Merced, California, and demanded her purse. The woman thought Bradley was carrying a gun and ran off in terror, screaming for help from the police.

Bradley, meanwhile, panicked and fled, but cops eventually nabbed him. He was, after all, very easy to spot in the red and blue Spidey outfit.

After cops booked the would-be thief, he was charged with attempted robbery and had bail set at $65,000. When asked why he was wearing the outfit in the first place, Bradley replied that it was part of a "disguise."

But clearly, the disguise didn't work too well, since both the victim and a witness had an easy time identifying him after the incident. Dumbest criminal ever? We vote yes.

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