In China's Quangang, Fujian province, a ten year-old girl is now in big trouble after she stole $1,600 from a cell phone shop to buy video games. Had it not been for the security cameras catching a video of her crawling on the floor, she would've gotten away with it too.

The girl, who goes by the pseudonym Ah Hong, decided to steal money from the store to purchase "Q coins," digital currency which can be used to buy game avatars, stickers, etc. In the video that the security cameras took, she walked in at around 7PM, looked around and spotted an unlocked register and noticed that she could move quickly without being noticed.

After waiting for the store clerks to relax, Ah Hong crawled to the register and reached in to swipe 10,300 yuan or $1,620. In a move that certainly enabled her to get caught, she went back to purchase more Q-coins; however it wasn't until 7:30PM when the clerk realized that the money in the register was missing and called the police. After they watched the security tapes, they tracked Ah Hong to her home and found the rest of the money in a tea box on her desk.

According to the police, Ah Hong is acting out because her father is away at work most of the day and she's being raised by her grandparents who ignore her bad gaming habits. Since she's under 14, she can't be charged as an adult but she did receive a strict lecture about her behavior and the money was returned to the store. Here's hoping she learned her lesson!

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