Two men entered a recording studio as rappers and left as robbers. But its something they left behind that might do the thieves in.The pair didn't have studio time scheduled when they knocked on the door of Copy Catz in Laurel, Maryland. However one of the groups that was recording allowed the men to join their session, where the duo recorded a song 'Larry Hoover,' a homage to a notorious Chicago gang leader of that name.

When they were finished with their three minute tune they went out to their car, grabbed their guns, returned to the studio and robbed three people of their money and belongings.

"It is possible that the recording was just a guise or some kind of misdirection to come in here and do what they did," studio manager Carlos Garcia explained. 

While it may have been a misdirection, 'Larry Hoover' may also lead the authorities to the criminals.

According Garcia, it's already known from the lyrics that the men are local.  Since the Laurel hip hop community is small, police believe the robbers will ultimately be identified by their voices.

"We're working on the security videos of the area," Laurel city spokesman Pete Piringer said. "We're still looking for the bad guys. We're hoping somebody might recognize the voices of these guys and come forward."