As any thief worth his salt knows, a clean getaway is absolutely essential. Well, a South Carolina teen recently botched a robbery in a big way after police followed a trail of Cheetos right to his front door(While that's not the thief pictured above, authorities should still be on the lookout for a hungry cheetah in human clothing.)

Last Sunday, police were called to a store in Cassatt after a delivery man noticed the front glass door has been shattered. Upon investigation, cops learned that someone had broken in and stolen beer, cigarettes, snack food and energy drinks. The thief had also accidentally torn open a bag of Cheetos and left the snacks all over the floor.

After reviewing surveillance tape, police began searching the area and found Cheetos on the porch of 19-year-old Austin Lee Westfall Presler's nearby home.

A search revealed stolen items in Presler's room and the teenager was taken into custody and booked on second-degree burglary. Although reports don't confirm this, it's a safe bet his fingers were orange too.

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