The Office

Hilarious Office Pranks
After a long workweek dealing with the same people, things can get tense around the office. So once Friday rolls around, a lot of us need to let loose and get a little weird, AKA prank our coworkers.
'The Office' Is Filth
Talk about a fast turnaround! It took Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight on 'The Office,' approximately one day to make a video spoofing a recent interview with Angus T. Jones.
Rainn Wilson Does Facebook Schrute Facts
Rainn Wilson brings the Schrute Facts meme to life for charity in this video from College Humor. This time, he's taking on all those annoyingly optimistic quotes people put on Facebook that are supposed to be inspirational but really just make you want to barf on a kitten...
5 Actors Who Got Their Start on ‘Punk’d’ [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]
At its core, 'Punk'd,' which MTV will reboot with celebrity hosts on March 19th, may have simply been a hidden camera show that delighted in torturing celebrities. But the Ashton Kutcher-created series also jump-started the careers of a few actors who are well-known today. They might have been anony…
Watch a Montage of the Best TV Quotes of 2011 [VIDEO]
Sometimes a TV character will fire off a line of dialogue that is so good you find yourself quoting it the next day. The Huffington Post's TV critic Maureen Ryan has compiled a list of her 11 most memorable TV lines of 2011, which includes remarks from the likes of 'Parks and Recreation's' Ron Swans…

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