'The Office' might be undergoing some big changes as they move into their ninth season. Assuming they even get a chance to have a ninth season, which isn't a done deal.

The changes, however, could be much deeper than just a change of scenery. They could come from some of the more famous faces in the show's cast.

Many of the major players have yet to renew their contract for another season such as Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski and B.J. Novak (i.e. Pam, Jim, and Ryan). Also, some of the show's principal cast also have some big movie deals in the works that could take them away from the show such as Ed Helms, who's prepping to do a third 'Hangover' movie.

Meanwhile, two more of the cast are working on shows of their own. Rainn Wilson and 'Office' showrunner Paul Lieberstein are working a spinoff for Dwight Schrute and Mindy Kaling has shot a comedy pilot for Fox. James Spader, who replaced Steve Carrel, will definitely be out at the end of the eighth season; Robert California, rest in peace (we don't think he's going to die, we just can't resist that joke).

Could all this shuffling and sliding in the cast spell the end for America's favorite dysfunctional white collar family? We'll see: after all, it's not like we all stay at the same job forever.

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