'Parks and Recreation' man's man Ron Swanson is turning into a cult figure these days, thanks to actor Nick Offerman's deadpan demeanor. In this video from Funny or Die, Swanson is joined by another deadpan character from another one of NBC's hit comedies, Darryl Philbin (aka Craig Robinson) from 'The Office'. The pair sit in a bar watching a baseball game, and begin slamming each other over a classic Chicago feud: Cubs vs. Sox.

With Swanson supporting the Cubs and Darryl on the side of the Sox, the two lob insults at each team's stadiums, players, number of championship wins and more, all in their trademark deadpan delivery.

So every Chicago-native will unite when it comes to defending their deep-dish over New York pizzerias, huh? Whose jabs do you think won though - Ron's or Darryl's?

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