An eagle-eyed tipster has sent the New York Post a screenshot from last week's episode of 'The Office" which seems to show Steve Carell, the show's former star, making an unannounced cameo.

The prodigal boss returns as a member of the “Queerenstein Bears” trivia team, and sports what looks to be a fake beard from the Zach Galifianakis collection.

While NBC wouldn't confirm the cameo, we're pretty sure that is Carell making a stealth appearance on the show he left to pursue greater Hollywood fortune.

And if it is him, maybe he got the beard from the same folks who created the long blond wig that will render him almost unrecognizable in his upcoming big screen star vehicle 'Bert Wonderstone.'

Watch the clip from last week's 'Office' episode below and see if you spot the former Michael Scott.

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