News of Snooki’s pregnancy might have given some of ‘Jersey Shore’s’ most ardent critics hope that MTV would finally pull the plug, but it seems to have only given them a reason to keep going. (This news just furthers speculation that the bun in Snooki’s oven is the Anti-Christ.)

The network announced there would be another season of drinking and fighting and plans are already in the works to work around Snooki’s pregnancy. Here’s some of our suggestions for how the cast can accommodate Snooki's little bundle of joy. (No, we're not talking about Deena.) 

1. Since the occupants of the ‘Jersey Shore’ home are drunk 23 out of 24 hours of every day, most of the home has already been baby-proofed.

2. They’ll have to get used to taking care of Snooki puking her guts out every morning as opposed to puking her guts out every night.

3. The cast will have to watch what they say around the baby or at least learn to form complete sentences.

4. Think about moving to a place with more breathable air than New Jersey. Like the moon.

5. Get used to seeing a glow from Snooki that doesn’t come from over-tanning.

6. If you thought she was a handful when she’s drunk, imagine her sober and hormonal.

7. Start working up a relationship with Child Protective Services since they’ll be over most of the time.

8. Hold birthing classes in a place that doesn’t have a ladies’ night.

9. Store all poisonous hazards like their chest grease and hair gel in a place a curious baby can’t accidentally find it.

10. Get ready to take care of a smelly, crying mess that is only interested in guzzling liquids and spitting up on itself. Now that we think about it, Snooki really prepared them for taking care of a baby.

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