We just can’t get enough of little miss Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi lately. But who can blame us? She gives us great material! The self-proclaimed "meatball" just recently had a mini meatball of her own, and we saw the Twittersphere explode with jokes about the tanned-out, leopard-clad ‘Jersey Shore’ star becoming a mom. And who could forget how hilarious it was picking out names for baby guido, Lorenzo Dominic?

Yes, Snooki is a little predictable when it comes to most things; on any given day, she’s probably wearing massive sunglasses, some sort of leopard accessory and a classic hair poof. Ok, she’s extremely predictable. But you might not know Snooki’s Instagram feed reveals something new about the queen guidette -- she’s quite talented at showcasing a wide variety of faces through glammed-up self shots. First, there’s the Snooki duck-kiss face, and then there’s...well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.