What is it with guys hitting Snooki and her look-alikes? She's so small and harmless that it leads us to believe these are the same men who'd take a magnifying glass to ants to see 'em explode. TMZ obtained video of this altercation that took place at this past weekend's Rockfest in Kansas City.

The bearded festival-goer apparently hit his boiling point after the small, tan brunette in the pink Playboy hat hit a nerve with one of her comments. So, he decides to go all '300' on her with a kick to the chest and face area. (Note: this video may be too intense for some viewers.)

After a split second of shock, a gang of guys come to her defense and go nuclear on him. But, we're wondering about the guy who was initially talking to the crazed kicker. You'd think after your attempt to calm down the assaulter failed, you'd just step aside and say, "Well, I told him." But, no, this guy is there peeling off the kicker's attackers. Must be one hell of a friend.

As for the Snook-alike (thanks, TMZ), maybe she missed the episode where her more famous doppelganger mouthed off and got clocked? Maybe the scent of pickle juice mixed with bronzer triggers the fight portion of one's brain -- like a bull seeing red. Take note, little guidettes.

[via Loudwire]

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