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Awesome Karaoke Couple Rescues Dumb ‘Leno’ Bit
You know the drill -- Jay Leno pulls some sort of "prank" on random people, and then we all are supposed to laugh at how dumb they are. Yaaaawn. Fortunately this time Leno's plan went awry, when the person he was attempting to startle turned out to be a talented, extroverted s…
10 Impressionists Who Could Replace Jay Leno
Sure, sure -- we know Jimmy Fallon is taking the 'Tonight Show' reigns, but we humbly suggest these other dudes for consideration. It would be like Leno never left. Or at least a lisping, high-pitched man would still be in charge.
Granted some of these are obviously not going to happen (Jim Carrey, D…
Louis C.K. and Jay Leno Trade Hilarious Insults
On 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,' comedian Louis C.K. was riffing on how straight men have to go out of their way to make sure everybody is aware that they are straight. This led Leno to comment that the slovenly ensemble Louis was currently wearing was "the most heterosex…
Letterman and Conan Come Together to Trash Leno
During his appearance on 'The Late Show With David Letterman,' Conan O'Brien joked that he had been told the two hosts would be discussing their "shared love of antiquing" and their "many wonderful vacations together."
Fat chance on th…
Seinfield + Leno
Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno are two of pop culture's most prominent car nuts, so Acura scored quite a coup when it got both of them to star in their 2012 Super Bowl commercial.
David Letterman Wants to Be Pals With Jay Leno Again
David Letterman has been Tweeting lately. He doesn't really get hashtags or DMs yet, but he is saying some funny things to the other late night hosts. On Tuesday he said something that might shock fans of late night TV.
He wants to end his years-long feud with Jay Leno.

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