On a recent episode of 'The Tonight Show,' Jay Leno made a joke about celebrities like Elton John who wear wigs. Leno included late night rival Jimmy Kimmel on the list of wig wearers, and even pointed  to a rug he said was Kimmel's, adding, "It's still got the black dye on it."

Now that doesn't make a great deal of sense. For if Kimmel was wearing a wig, he probably wouldn't need to dye it. Nevertheless, Leno was clearly pointing the ugly stick of hair shenanigans in Kimmel's direction. An accusation Kimmel used his late-night platform to respond to.

Much like David Letterman, Kimmel has a go-to high-pitched Jay-impersonation which he can whip out whenever it's needed.

After Kimmel was done with making fun of Leno's predictable monologue, he had a little fun with himself and revealed that he does in fact dye his hair. But he doesn't wear a wig. So Jay may have exposed some of Kimmel's deceptive hair habits, but he still managed to get a few digs in.

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