Arch West, creator of the beloved Doritos snack chips, has passed away at the age of 97. West's relatives revealed said that they would (no joke) sprinkle tasty Doritos in his grave. Doritos: they're even more delicious in the afterlife.

In honor of the late inventor of the greatest chips of all time, we present our favorite vintage Jay Leno Doritos ads.

Before he was a late night king (and perpetual thorn in Conan O'Brien's side), Leno was an affable stand-up comic pitching America's favorite nacho cheese tortilla chip. His laid-back demeanor, hipster catchphrase ("Crunch all you want/we'll make more"), and series of stylish neck ties scream '80s in the best possible way. (We particularly love the giant computers in the Cool Ranch spot.) Yes, there was time when Leno was actually kind of cool.

Rest in peace, Mr. West. We'll continue to "crunch all we want" in your honor.

Jay Leno's Vintage Doritos Ad

Jay Leno for Cool Ranch Doritos

Jay Leno Loves Doritos

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