Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno are two of pop culture's most prominent car nuts, so Acura scored quite a coup when it got both of them to star in their 2012 Super Bowl commercial.

The premise of the ad -- of which an extended version was just released on the Web -- is that Seinfeld is number two on the wait list for the Acura NSX, a sports car which is projected to be released in the next three years. He wants to be number one, so he tries to use the spoils of his TV fortune to bribe the guy who holds the top spot.

As you can see, Leno comes into play when he literally swoops in at the end of the ad, makes an even better offer, and snags the number one spot. We sort of want to make a "just like what happened to Conan" joke, but that would be so 2010.

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