Last week's number one feel-good video came courtesy of Jay Leno and a 'Tonight Show' Pumpcast News segment that featured a couple belting out pretty flawless renditions of Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer' and the Eurythmic's 'Sweet Dreams.'

The clip was such a hit that Leno invited Will Sims, 40, and his wife Monifa, 38, on the 'Tonight Show' to discuss their performance. When he did, he introduced Will as a bartender and Monifa as a fitness trainer. While this may be true, Leno neglected to mention a pretty relevant part of their resumes.

According to The Smoking Gun they are both also actors who had moved from Chicago -- where they founded a theater troupe -- to Hollywood to pursue more entertainment industry opportunities.

Granted, just because they are actors doesn't mean the segment was staged. If you film random people at gas station in Burbank there's a pretty good chance they're going to have some kind of acting background. But The Smoking Gun also uncovered that Monifa had appeared in another Pumpcast segment back in 2011.

Monifa responded to the report by saying it was just a coincidence that this was her second time on Pumpcast. She added that she didn't even remember she had done it before while she and her husband were doing their now-famous singing.

What do you think? Is the gas pump karaoke couple too good to be true? Here's the suspcious video in question:

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