On 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,' comedian Louis C.K. was riffing on how straight men have to go out of their way to make sure everybody is aware that they are straight. This led Leno to comment that the slovenly ensemble Louis was currently wearing was "the most heterosexual outfit" he'd ever seen.

With physical appearances now on the table, Louis went for the kill. "You're the weirdest looking person on the planet Earth," he told the man with the famously unique skull shape.

Despite Louis' insistence that he wasn't trying to insult Leno with this observation, Leno fought back with some sharp barbs about the comedian's balding head and excess of chin hair.

Then Louis dropped this dozy on Leno:

"Jay, if you weren't famous and you robbed a bank and the dude was describing you to the police sketch artist, he'd be like 'no seriously, what does he look like?' Nobody looks like you. I can't believe I'm looking at you."

While Jay did respond with a joke about how Louis resembles Mr. Potato Head, we were too busy thinking about how exactly one would explain Jay Leno to a sketch artist.

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