Coke and Pepsi’s Newest Ingredient Is Booze
When you drink your favorite sodas, you're getting more than just a kick of caffeine.
France's National Institute of Consumption tested 19 popular carbonated soft drinks and found that 10 -- including Coke and Pepsi -- contained a very small amount of alcohol.
Vending Machine Gives Out Cokes For Hugs
We've all smacked a vending machine when it didn't spit out the candy or soda we requested and paid for. The more ill-tempered among us have probably even given one of the giant junk food dispensers a good kick.
But it turns out we've been doing it wrong. When it comes human/vending ma…
Polar Bear Football
Coke's Polar bear mascots have some fun in one of the beverage giant's Super Bowl ads this year. In the spot, which will run in the second quarter, the lovable animated beasts are having a Super Bowl party, drinking coke of course. When one bear tosses a bottle of the sweet stuff to a…