Coca Cola, a company with a notorious history of making changes to its product that the public didn't approve of, has stepped in it again.

Last month the soft drink giant introduced a white seasonal Coke can featuring polar bears as part of campaign to raise money to help save the endangered species. However, Coke drinkers rebelled against the new design -- with the most common complaint being they looked too much like silver Diet Coke cans -- and the soft drink giant announced they would discontinue production of the white cans and reintroduce the polar bear can with a more traditional red background.

But perhaps what is also bothering the public is that Coke has decided to feature polar bears on its holiday can instead of an image of  a traditional Sundblom Santa, which it has used in years past. If this is the case, simply changing the background of the cans won't make up for Coke's gaffe.

What do you think? When December comes around would you rather drink your Coke with an image of polar bears on the can, or one of St. Nick?

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