Sometimes we just want to crack open an ice cold can of Coke. There’s little-to-no-effort involved in getting such refreshing and delicious happiness, right? But over in Korea, they’re making soda seekers dance for their bubbly beverages.

Coca Cola has invented a high-tech vending contraption that’s just like any other vending machine. Except this time, there’s a huge screen on its front that features people dancing, and anyone who wants a Coke has to imitate those moves in a sort of strangely cool computerized dance-off. So basically, you have to do a little wiggle and jiggle in front of said vending machine just to get a drink. We have a sneaking suspicion there’s some sort of hidden camera involved, like the security guy in the back is watching the live feed all day to add a little entertainment to his otherwise boring job.

What happens if you mess up your moves? Well, no Coke for you! Just kidding, we’re pretty sure this awesome soda machine doesn’t discriminate against embarrassingly subpar dance moves. At least that’s what we’re hoping, for our sake.

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