We've all smacked a vending machine when it didn't spit out the candy or soda we requested and paid for. The more ill-tempered among us have probably even given one of the giant junk food dispensers a good kick.

But it turns out we've been doing it wrong. When it comes human/vending machine relations, a little tenderness will go a lot further than violence.

Awww, the vending machine just wants to be loved! What's going on there a is pretty brilliant ad campaign for Coke in Singapore which, as far as we know, is limited to Singapore.

So, no, hugging the vending machine down the hall won't score you a free soda, although hugging the guy who stocks the vending machine might get you somewhere. But it will definitely get you some quizzical looks. And possibly some time off to "rest." So if that's what you're going for, by all means snuggle the big lug.

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