A Canadian family is furious after someone opened a bottle of VitaminWater –- the flavored drink owned by Coca-Cola -– and saw the words "You Retard" printed on it.

Making matters worse is the fact one of the people in the family has cerebral palsy and autism.

Doug Loates, the woman's father, was so incensed he wrote a letter to Coca-Cola blasting the company, which you can read below.

Strangely, the phrase was not a mistake. Coca-Cola was running a contest in Canada in which one word is printed in English under the cap and another appears in French. In French, "retard" means "late" or "delayed."

Coca-Cola quickly apologized, adding, "We did not mean to offend at all. We are certainly very apologetic for this oversight." In addition, it has suspended the contest and tossed out all caps made for it.

What do you think? Was this an honest mistake or should Coca-Cola have been more careful with their word choices?

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