Coca-Cola's Super Bowl 2014 ad takes a running joke from 'Forrest Gump' and brings it to the big leagues.

America's top pop promoter has decided to take the safe route with their commercial for this year's big game as Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad features the aspirations of a young boy. In this commercial, a boy named Adrian is seen sitting on the sidelines during a high school football game. His coach decides to put him into the next play. The coach orders him in, and Adrian is caught zoning out. Then, Adrian enthusiastically runs onto the field without his helmet, to which his coach immediately addresses.

During the huddle before the play, a player tells Adrian not to mess up. Also, all of the other players are noticeably bigger than Adrian (why would they put such a little guy on defense and not offense?). Mid-play, Adrian catches a fumbled ball and dashes into the end zone for an amazing touchdown. Straight out of Forrest Gump's playbook and to his parents' dismay, Adrian continues running with the ball past the end zone and off of the field.

Adrian is seen still running with the ball, acting as if he is juking out players on the field as House of Pain's 90s hit, "Jump Around" is playing in the background. Eventually, Adrian reaches Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, where he spikes the ball into their end zone. A groundskeeper of the field develops a sense of admiration for the boy and gives him a big bottle of Coca-Cola as a reward. The NFL would have given him a fine (for the spike).

Believing that every child should have the opportunity to chase their dreams in a sports-related venue like Adrian did in this video, Coca-Cola has donated $50,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America coinciding with the release of this commercial. Bravo, Coke.

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