Anyone who has enough money to buy a costume can dress up as your favorite superhero or Muppet. And that's beginning to become a problem.

Just when we were starting to clear our brains of the disturbing images presented by anti-Semitic Elmo and the toddler-shoving Cookie Monster, Spider-Man has had his reputation besmirched by an imposter with bad intentions.

According to the LAPD they are on the lookout for someone in a Spider-Man suit who stole $6,000 in cash and credit card information from an employee of Starlines Tour Bus company.

The hunt for this man (or Spider-Man) has been focused on the area around Grauman's Chinese Theatre, where many superhero impersonators hang out. The theft took place Friday morning and cops spent the rest of the day patting down everybody in a Spidey suit for the contraband. However, so far, they haven't been able to to find the thief.

Other superhero impersonator -- like Wonder Woman, Batman and Catwoman -- have told police they will also aid in the search for the masked villain.

And if that gesture of goodwill isn't enough to restore your faith in the folks who pretend to be pretend people, check out this story about a bighearted faux-Batman.

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