Think You Know 'Spider-Man'? Watch This Video!
There've been so many 'Spider-Man' movies, from Sam Raimi's Tobey Maguire-led trilogy to the rebooted run with Andrew Garfield, and the cinematic universe is about to expand even more with spinoffs for 'The Sinister Six,' 'Venom' and a female-led character. Wi…
Criminal Spider-Man
Anyone who has enough money to buy a costume can dress up as your favorite superhero or Muppet. And that's beginning to become a problem.
Comic Book Losers
As is always the case with highly anticipated comic book movies, there are plenty of internet rumors surrounding director Marc Webb's upcoming sequel to 'The Amazing Spider-Man.'
Awkward Parade Fail
Unfortunately for any children present, it seems that when Spider-Man saw the famous 'I Want You!' recruiting poster featuring Uncle Sam, he took it literally.
Spidey Gets Honest
"Witness yet another Spider-Man origin story, just so Sony can retain the rights to the character." Honest Trailers once again keep it real.
Spider-Man Facts
Arguably Marvel Comics’ biggest star, Spider-Man is a household name and an icon of popular culture. But how much do you really know about everyone's favorite wallcrawler?
Spider-Dad Gives Son Greatest Birthday Ever
Daniel Gracia is the most awesome dad ever. Or at least a dad willing to do pretty much anything for his son on his birthday. Oliver thinks he's getting an awesome present by being given his very own Spidey suit... but that's just the start.

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