A video of a man wearing an awesome Batman suit whose black Lamborghini was pulled over in Maryland for not having proper tags went viral last week. And why wouldn't it?

Well, it turns out the man behind the mask isn't really Bruce Wayne, despite having a couple hundred grand to blow on a fine Italian sports cars. But Lenny B. Robinson, a 48-year-old businessman from Baltimore County, is a hero in his own right.

Since 2001, Robinson has been donning the Batsuit and visiting sick kids in the hospital. He poses for pictures with the little boys and girls, and hands them the Batman toys and memorabilia he spends about $25,000 a year of his own money to purchase.

His teenage son Brandon sometimes plays Robin, although he hasn't been doing so lately because he's busy studying for the SAT.

Robinson got the Batsuit from a professional costume maker, and says he loses about six pounds in water weight whenever he wears the heavy leather and neoprene uniform.

While Robinson was happy to stay just as anonymous as Bruce Wayne does about his true identity, the traffic stop effectively outed him, and he spoke to The Washington Post about his secret life as a do-gooder.

"I’m just doing it for the kids,” he explained, simply.