Cookie Monster got arrested yesterday for shoving a toddler. Obviously it was a man dressed up as Cookie Monster, and it happened in Times Square, where basically nothing good will ever happen, but still, come on Cookie Monster!

To be honest, Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez isn't the first guy in a mascot costume to get in trouble for acting like a jerk. Last summer, there was a man named Adam Sandler who would dress up like Elmo and shout obscenities and anti-Semitic remarks at children in Central Park. And of course, there are more. Here are 11 examples of two of Sesame Street's most popular characters being total jerks.

  • Elmo takes pleasure in the misery of children.


    Sure, he has to make that face because it's a mask, but still.

  • Cookie monster doing...something shady.


    Is he peeing? Playing hide-and-seek? Contemplating all the mistakes in life that have led him to that moment?

  • Elmo passed out on the lawn again.


    This is the kind of thing that scars your kid brother for life.

  • Elmo ranting in the park like a lunatic.


  • Elmo being pervy.


    Gross, Elmo. Come on! Is she even legal?

  • Cookie Monster with that Russian spy who was in the news a few years ago.


    Now we know where Cookie Monster's loyalties really lie.

  • Elmo getting arrested.


    This is Adam Sandler again. (Hahaha, Adam Sandler.)

  • Elmo getting arrested, AGAIN!


    Look for the new "Tase Me Elmo" in stores now, kids!

  • Elmo grabbing his crotch.


    They really don't like it when you try to take their picture without paying them.

  • Cookie Monster in a pedicab.


    Seriously? Who takes a pedicab?