True Crime

'Idol' Stabbing
'American Idol' may not be the ratings juggernaut it once was, but that doesn't mean its fans are any less passionate.
Ice Cream Man War
Joshua Malatino wants to control all the fudgesicle trade that goes down in Gloversville, New York. And he's willing to resort to some pretty shady tactics to maintain market dominance.
Criminal Spider-Man
Anyone who has enough money to buy a costume can dress up as your favorite superhero or Muppet. And that's beginning to become a problem.
Dunkin' Donuts Hero
In a scene we haven’t seen since Judge Reinhold fought off a robber in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ an employee at a Dunkin’ Donuts in West Haven, Connecticut broke up a robbery by tossing coffee on the would-be thief.
Real Life Batman?
There's a costumed superhero looking over Bradford.
Authorities in the Northern England city were confused and amused in the early morning hours of February 25 when a man dressed as Batman dropped off another man, who had been wanted for the handling of stolen goods, at one of the city's po…
Creepiest Mom Ever?
Things got awkward when 54-year-old Kimberly Margeson visited her 30-year-old son William Partridge at the Yates County jail in upstate New York.
Real Cookie Monster
The mystery of who stole a 44-pound gold cookie from the outside of the German headquarters of biscuit maker Bahlsen has been solved. Well, sort of.

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