'Saturday Night Live' is going dark for the summer. So it wouldn't be right if they didn't leave us with some tips on what do in New York during the warm months via 'Weekend Update's' city correspondent Stefon (aka Bill Hader).

As usual, Stefon's recommendations were absurd and inappropriate. But we wouldn't want it any other way. Check out the sketch and learn more about a "human R2-D2."

Part of the fun of Stefon's appearances is that the writers like to change up the dialogue at the last minute in attempt to get Hader to laugh when he reads the cue cards. But for the most part, Hader was able to avoid "breaking" this time around.

This was actually Stefon's 14th appearance on 'Weekend Update.' And, since both Hader and Seth Meyers are returning next year for 'SNL's' 38th season, expect to be getting more tips from this the flamboyant travel expert in the future.

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