After scoring a viral hit last season with audition outtakes from 'Back to the Future,' 'SNL' offered up some fake 'Top Gun' screen tests from Al Pacino, Paula Abdul and other actors who didn't make the cut.

Host Alec Baldwin reprised the Pacino impression he showed off on 'Jimmy Fallon,' while Bill Hader's Harvey Fierstein questioned the, uh, manly subtext in 'Top Gun's' famous volleyball scene.

Check out some 'Top Gun' screen tests  from this past Saturday's 'SNL' season premiere, along with some bonus Web-only auditions featuring Paul Brittain as Johnny Depp and Abby Elliott's Cyndi Lauper below. Hopefully 'SNL' will bring back this sketch in time for 'Top Gun's' 3D return.

'Top Gun' Screen Tests Part 1

Bonus 'Top Gun' Screen Tests

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