Last night on 'Saturday Night Live,' the Long Island Medium gave a squirrel some much needed peace of mind.

One of the better spots of the night was (as usual) a commercial spoof. This fake promo of TLC's 'Long Island Medium' was short, sweet, and scarily similar to actual TLC promos. New(ish) cast member Kate McKinnon continued to shine spoofing Theresa Caputo, with a thick accent right off the LIRR and fingernails that could cut through glass. A medium never gets a day off: in the supermarket, the spa, even at the park. Sometimes it's a message from a grandparent, sometimes a husband, at other times a squirrel's dead father who "loved nuts." Just remember: she may be a medium, but she's a "large at Chico's." If you didn't get that joke, it's okay. As Caputo would say, "your grandparents did."