We always knew 'The Most Interesting Man' had to have reproduced somewhere along his interesting, beer-promoting life. His son finally debuted on 'Saturday Night Live,' in the form of a goateed Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Looking like a odd cross between a young John Travolta and Antonio Banderas, Gordon-Levitt played 'The Most Interesting Man's Son' to the hilt. With two commercials for Tres Equis ("one more equis" than his father's beer), it was clear the son had much to live up to — and failed. Clearly, giving a fake name at Starbucks just won't get you far in life.

The writers just couldn't let go of this concept! Fortunately, the second installment of 'The Most Interesting Man's Son' added an extra dimension to this story when Dad (Jason Sudeikis) showed up to deliver a much-needed parental intervention. See below: