On 'Weekend Update' last night, Ann Romney (or a reasonable facsimile) paid a visit to Seth Meyers to explain her recent comments on Radio Iowa this weekend.

New(ish) cast member Kate McKinnon's impression is eerily accurate: an angry Ann Romney isn't something that we'd want to cross. Explaining how hard campaigning can be, she bemoaned the fact that she and Mitt were missing apple picking season — which, as everyone knows, is the "Mormon Mardi Gras." When asked if she were elitist, she replied that the Obamas get to hang out with Beyonce, but she and Mitt are stuck with Jon Voigt.

But the sketch's coup de grace came when she demonstrated her power to conjure the former Presidential hopeful Rick Perry by saying his name three times. After he magically appeared, she dismissed him with a wave, perhaps back "to high school" (we can only hope).