For its most recent digital short, 'Saturday Night Live' decided to go back to the 70s. While it was a glorious time when all races and sexes were prone to wearing afros, Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig ended up using it to create one of the most creepy save the date wedding invites ever.

In the music video the pair sing about the glory of their enormous hair. Kenan Thompson is there too, lamenting the flatness of what he has going on up top, and playing the kind of crushing guitar riffs that the show's musical guest Jack White would have been proud of.

As the camera pulls away, we find out that Samberg and Wiig's afros have grown together into one giant hairstyle. "When me it felt electric/Our hearts and souls and hair connected," they sing.

Turns out their intertwined hair has forced the two to get married, which does make sense because the only way these two could "part" is by cutting the hair they are so proud of.

So what did you think of the video? It kind of reminded us of something Weird Al Yankovic would sing, and not just because he used to rock a fairly aggressive afro in his younger days.

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