'Saturday Night Live's' 100th digital short was a milestone for the late-night comedy show. After all those years of performing such classics as "Battle of the V-Necks" and Steven Spielberg's "Laser Cats 7," the celebration had to be big.

Everyone from Will Ferrell and Natalie Portman to Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake made an appearance to help the 'SNL' cast sing about their next big stunt in the style of "3-Way" and "I'm on a Boat."

So, what did they decide to do?

Aside from commemorating pretty much every single digital short the cast ever performed, they decided that the best way to ring in their 100th was with -- how can we put this delicately? -- sexual experimentation.

The only one who seemed caught off guard by this was poor little Biebs, who was "tricked" into performing the song. Clearly he hasn't watched any of the shows, otherwise he would've known Andy Samberg would try and pull something like this.

Happy 100th digital short, 'Saturday Night Live'!

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