Natalie Portman

See Contemporary Stars Mashed Up With Their Classic Counterparts in Portrait Series
When it comes to movie stars, there will always be inevitable comparisons to which classic actors or actresses they most immediately resemble or whose place they've taken. Swedish artist George Chamoun investigates this compulsion to compare in his portrait series Iconatomy. He overlays surreal swirls of old and new stars to show how similar certain stars are to each other, at least physically. Re
Watch Anne Hathaway Channel Lil Wayne in ‘Conan’ Rap [VIDEO]
Anne Hathaway might never get to host the Oscars again, but she could very well have a future in gangster rap. In an appearance on Tuesday night's 'Conan,' the elegant actress spoke about the negative press she's been getting surrounding her role as Catwoman in the upcoming 'Batman' movie. When Conan asked how she blows off steam, Hathaway said, "The paparazzi attention’s been a little intens