In a world where nuclear war has left cats with the ability to shoot lasers out of their mouths and one alien named E.A.T. has come to declare peace, only two brave men can help save the world -- 'Saturday Night Live's' Andy Samberg and Bill Hader.

This is Steven Spielberg's 'Laser Cats 7,' or rather the 'SNL' digital short of the week.

This seventh installment is what you'd imagine the mash-up of 'Jurassic Park,' 'Indiana Jones' and 'E.T.' to look like. The bad guys from 'Temple of Doom' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' are after E.A.T., who's basically E.T. but with cat ears. Then comes the Tyrannosaurus-sized kitty attacking the city, followed by a "Hitchcockian-style" cameo by Spielberg.

If this is what we're getting for number seven, we can only imagine what 'Laser Cats 1-6' have to offer.