'Saturday Night Live's' Weekend Update host Seth Meyers invited Sacha Baron Cohen's Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen persona (aka 'The Dictator') on the show to answer some questions about his upcoming movie -- like, Is it gonna be any good?

Well, Aladeen probably knew nobody would believe it'd be worth watching, so he brought his own guest -- Martin Scorsese.

If Cohen's 2012 Oscars red carpet appearance is any suggestion, 'The Dictator' will probably be a mad free-for-all. Plus, his previous films 'Borat,' 'Bruno' and 'Ali G' were hysterical, but were by no means award-winning.

Now that we have Scorsese's blessing, even if it was somewhat coerced with electroshock torture, we feel at least a little hopeful that the film will have some substance to it.