Here's one more point against Mitt Romney -- the streets this Halloween are going to be flooded with women in "sexy" Big Bird costumes, thanks to his comments at the recent presidential debate. 

According to a special report by ABC, after stating in the first presidential debate that he was going to take away the government subsidies for PBS, the costume saw a 500% increase in sales on website CostumeCraze.

The costume is basically a clingy, though ruffly, yellow dress that comes with striped stockings and half of Big Bird's face you can stick on top of your head. Because nothing says sexy like half a bird's head plopped on top of your head. Except maybe for striped stockings and a yellow, ruffly dress made of stretch material.

Maybe we should be glad people have jumped on this bandwagon -- he's also planning to cut Medicare, so people could have decided to dress up like sexy old ladies. Or prescription pads. Get a closer look at the costume you'll be seeing everywhere below.

sexy big bird

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