America's favorite eight-foot-tall bird stopped by 'Saturday Night Live' last night to discuss Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments regarding PBS just this past Wednesday.

His remark came from the first 2012 debate, stating that he would end government subsidies to the public TV station, but being careful to add: "I like PBS. I like Big Bird."

The character's appearance on SNL garnered extreme applause from a crowd who had been clearly anticipating some sort of official rebuttal from Team Sesame.

Big Bird and Seth Meyers went back and forth discussing the comment, with Big Bird joking that since Romney's quote, he's now famous. "I was walking down the street the other day and I felt that everybody recognized me."

Seth Meyers' laughter at his guest's zingers was particularly entertaining to watch: it seemed to be mostly just sheer childlike delight in response to actually getting to sit and talk to Big Bird — certainly a milestone in any anchorman's career.


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