Sesame Street

Bert and Ernie on doma
In celebration of the destruction of the Defense of Marriage Act this past Wednesday, next weeks's cover of The New Yorker will feature an illustration by Jack Hunter depicting 'Sesame Street' residents and best friends Bert and Ernie, cuddling on the couch and watching the news.
Elmo + Cookie Monster = Jerks
Cookie Monster got arrested yesterday for shoving a toddler. Obviously it was a man dressed up as Cookie Monster, and it happened in Times Square, where basically nothing good will ever happen, but still, come on Cookie Monster!
'Sesame Street' Worldwide
For over 40 years, The Muppets of 'Sesame Street' have been teaching children in the U.S. to read, count, recognize shapes and play well with others. Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and the rest are nationally known superstars...
Real Cookie Monster
The mystery of who stole a 44-pound gold cookie from the outside of the German headquarters of biscuit maker Bahlsen has been solved. Well, sort of.
The Best Election Day Reaction Memes
Hey, did you hear there was an election yesterday? It was kind of a big deal, you know, presidents and what not. With Obama being reelected, people were pretty quick to start poking fun of the losers, as well as the ultra-conservatives who said they'd be moving abroad. Oh, and gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana passed in several states. Of course, memes are a great way to do this. Here
Best of the Mitt Romney Versus Big Bird Memes
Mitt Romney can't just say he's going to put Big Bird out of a job and get away with it. Here are the best memes so far from the Great 2012 Big Bird Backlash that don't have curse words. Because in the mind of the internet, when Big Bird gets angry he grabs a rifle and starts spewing obscenities.
Watch Elmo Dance ‘Gangnam Style’
Turns out even Muppets like Psy. Video footage of Sirius radio host Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and Elmo dancing along to 'Gangnam Style' has surfaced. They both do a pretty good job at the dance (though can anyone surpass Psy?), and Elmo seems into it...
Real Life Bert and Ernie Will Give You Nightmares
Redditor ProbableCause spotted the pair at this year's DragonCon and for some reason was compelled to share it with the rest of the world, a world that can only wonder, "Why? Why did you do that to us, bro?" See another photo below, if you dare.

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