If there's one thing One Direction proved with their 'Saturday Night Live' performances this weekend, it's that they're collectively much better actors than any other boy band before them.

They're clearly Oscar-worthy stage talents were showcased center stage when the group bustled onto 'The Manuel Ortiz Show' opposite 'SNL' host Sofia Vergara as Yolanda. Ms. Yolanda was trying to figure out who her real mother (Kristen Wiig) was, but then got sidetracked when she discovered her mom stole her husband away and got arrested for shoplifting a couch.

Then came One Direction dancing out as Yolanda's five love children. Granted the boys only had two lines, "Gross!" and "Good!," but we can already tell they're on their way to the big screen. Who wouldn't want to put those dreamy faces in a movie?

Watch One Direction on 'Saturday Night Live's' 'The Manuel Ortiz Show'

Finally, to the enjoyment of every teenage girl watching the episode at home, One Direction lit up the stage with performances of 'One Thing' and 'What Makes You Beautiful.' Sorry 'N Sync, but there is just no way your 'Saturday Night Live' performance was as good. We're thinking it has to do with the fact that none of you were skinny hipsters with bow ties and suspenders.

Watch One Direction Perform 'One Thing' on 'Saturday Night Live'

Watch One Direction Perform 'What Makes You Beautiful' on 'Saturday Night Live'

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