Move over, Ryan Gosling -- we have a new celebrity hero in town.

According to TMZ, Mila Kunis was part of a pretty scary scene at her LA home over the weekend.

A man who works for Kunis suffered a seizure and collapsed. The fifty-year-old had bitten through his tongue and was spitting up blood and vomit.

Kunis and another person rushed to the man's aid, turning his head to its side so he wouldn't choke and stuffing a wallet in his mouth so he wouldn't further damage his tongue. He was promptly taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Saving lives and accepting dates to Marine Corps balls? Kunis is one class act.

It's been quite an eventful couple of months for celebrity rescues, with the aforementioned Gosling starting it off by preventing a pedestrian from being struck by a taxi cab. Then Newark mayor Corey Booker saved a woman from a burning building. Next up was Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey, who used to crowbar to pry a teenager from the wreckage of a car accident.  And just today, we got word that Dustin Hoffman called the paramedics a couple weeks ago when he noticed a jogger in London had suffered a heart attack.

As celebrity trends go, you could do a lot worse.